Fairy Dust Mist

Fairy Dust Mist

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For those little ones who can't go to sleep because they are afraid of "Monsters" coming out at bedtime! Fairy Dust Room Spray will make them fly away!

Spray once or twice where "Monsters hang out" in your room and tada! No more Monsters.

La Parea Fairy Dust Monster Spray is made with pure organic lavender essential oil, rose essential oil, which is well-known to deter monsters of EVERY shape and size. Under-bed monsters, closet-monsters, dresser monsters will all scurry away when hit with Fairy Dust Organics Monster Spray.
The bottle comes with a small instruction card in case you need to remember how to fight Monsters!

As a bonus, the fairy dust scent is soothing and helps promote sleep for the brave boy or girl who stays in their bed.

- Bedroom
- Bathroom
- Closets
- Under the bed
- Spray around the door of your tent when camping
- A useful spray to have on hand anywhere monsters may be suspected

Ingredients: Distilled water, lavender essential oil, rose essential oil and witch hazel.


Size: 2 Fluid oz