About Us

I'm Samanta Moise, founder of La Parea Wellness and Parea Kids. As a mother of four I strive towards continuing to help ease many of the common and neglected issues faced by mothers and their families so that they can fully enjoy their life and their loved ones.

After creating plant based products to alleviate my personal healing I decided to create some for my kids. I noticed they weren't sleeping well and would become restless often. After not being able to find any clean non toxic remedies I decided to create them. 

I'm a nurse by trade and own an adult wellness company called La Parea Wellness so, I am very well versed in natural healing. I  grew up in Ecuador where my family also practices holistic remedies so, all of my products are also inspired by my families teachings. 

My family and I appreciate your support!

Welcome to Parea Kids!